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Why a Special Appeal Video Is Always Worth the Investment

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Each year, auction chairs ask, “Do we really need a new video for our appeal?” The answer is yes! Consider this example: Have you ever watched a movie for the second time? Was it as exciting and moving when you knew what to expect? Of course not; you already knew the ending. The same idea applies to your special appeal video. Each year, you need a fresh, unheard story to showcase the work of your great organization. This allows you to not only keep your guest engaged on event night, but to celebrate the accomplishments of your nonprofit’s mission. Ready? Let’s go raise some money!

Kelly Russell is the face and force behind Artisan Auctions. She brings 10 years as a certified professional auctioneer and positive energy to every room she works. A firm believer in good process and communication equates excellent outcome, she provides attention to detail and consultation from start to finish. Her team  of experts rely on her keen direction, knowing that in the end, the work we do makes the world a better place thanks to the non-profit organizations we work for. Kelly works from a base of fundraising event experience, crafting auctions to meet and exceed client goals, and she has a great time doing it.

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