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Get Out of a Creative Funk

Thursday, June 20, 2019

By ILEA Experience Staff

As a live event professional, you spend your days creating unique, unforgettable experiences for your clients. However, we all go through periods of time where creativity or inspiration may be lacking. Although frustrating, creative ruts are normal, and you have the power to get back on track. These five tips will ignite your inspiration to plan your next event:

  1. Collaborate with your peers.

There’s no better way to boost your creativity than by collaborating with other live event professionals. Whether you start a discussion in the ILEA Member Communities or plan a happy hour get together with colleagues, you’ll find inspiration and a fresh outlook in the advice from your peers.

Cultivate creativity with your global network this summer at ILEA Live 2019 in Minneapolis. With pre-conference programming at Leadership Live, peer-to-peer learning opportunities and authentic off-site experiences around Minneapolis, you will foster original ideas that will keep you at the top of your game.   

  1. Get outside.

Close your laptop, abandon your office and take a deep breath of fresh air. Even if your outdoor adventure is as simple as going for a 15-minute walk to pick up lunch, time away from your tasks and the fresh air will leave you refreshed to plan your next stellar event.

  1. Change up your routine.

As an experienced live event professional, you are an expert at time management and following your schedule. But what if we told you to ditch the schedule for a day and switch up your routine? Although routines are a necessity, they can curb your creativity. Give yourself a clear perspective — visit a different coffee shop for your morning caffeine boost or do your work in a location with a view. 

  1. Plan a trip.

Traveling encourages you to push your boundaries and introduces you to new environments, people and experiences. Explore a new backdrop, expand your mind, and return from your trip relaxed and inspired to tap into your creativity. Have we mentioned that Minneapolis makes a great vacation destination?

  1. Remind yourself why you started.

When you’re feeling stuck, take action! Remind yourself that you are an accomplished creative professional and your clients trust you with their most exciting and meaningful events. That knowledge alone is enough to keep you inspired.

If you find yourself sinking in a creative rut, add these tips to your professional routine. Whether you get outside at lunchtime, plan a vacation to a new destination, or connect with ILEA members and other creative colleagues, you will find a glimmer of inspiration to jump-start your next best event.

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